Commercial Flooring

While Brooklyn Flooring specializes in domestic flooring and carpet, we have also catered to a large number of commercial clients since we began. Previous clients include Two Fifty Square, Raw Gym, B&H & Mitchell | McDermott.

Whether it be an office space, commercial business, or public building, you can rest assured that the renovation of your new floor is in the hands of our expert team of fitters with decades of experience. Making the process as seamless as possible, Brooklyn Flooring will undertake the full project; from initial site visit to survey and provide advice, to supply of the new flooring and complete installation with full guarantees.

At Brooklyn Flooring, we understand that each commercial project we undertake is different, and each client has different needs. While many commercial fits & refurbishments will be straightforward, some large scale flooring projects can come with many challenges; which is why we go the extra mile for all our clients, providing excellent customer service before, during and after fit. Flooring & Carpet used in public areas & commercial spaces is exposed to increased traffic & footfall on a daily basis, which is why it needs to be of a higher grade than the materials we use for our domestic clients.

Brooklyn Flooring is committed to not selling cheaper materials, which is why we have built lasting relationships with our suppliers; to always have the highest quality materials on hand for our customers while keeping our commercial prices the most competitive you will find on the Irish market. These trusted relationships with our suppliers also guarantee us the fastest turnaround times nationwide, from initial consultation to fitting.

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