Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an elegant and effortlessly timeless flooring style that has remained popular throughout the years, despite the increasing numbers of semi-solid and engineered options available. In fact, this classic floor covering is still the go to choice for those looking to give their home a touch of warmth and comfort and make their interior look and feel bigger!

Wood floors are also easy to care for, and if properly maintained can easily last for generations. All of Brooklyn Flooring's beautiful hardwood can be sanded and varnished as required to ensure its sheen and evenness remains for years to come. Wood flooring is also incredibly stable, warm to the touch and effortless to clean; as well as being hygienic and resistant to dusts, odours and stains!

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Advantages of Wood Flooring ​

  • Can make any room look and feel bigger ​​
  • Easy to clean
  • ​​Incredibly stable and hard wearing
  • Hygienic and resistant to dust and odours ​
  • Versatile & Timeless ​
  • Can be sanded and varnished


Parquet Flooring

Brooklyn Flooring also supplies and fits a large number of parquet flooring for both domestic and commercial properties. An instantly recognizable style, parquet floors are even more stable than solid wood, as they consist of several layers of wood set at a 90 degree angle from one another; restricting the movement of the wood even further.

The top layer, often called the wear layer, consists of carefully chosen wood species and can be sanded several times to ensure it keeps its lustre. Beneath this layer is an advanced body that is resistant to impact and guarantees the high stability of the floor, making parquet flooring ideal for high traffic areas of your home or business. As the bottom layers of wood are not seen, they are often made from less expensive wood types; which means that parquet is often the perfect option for those on a budget that still want that eye catching herringbone design!


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